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The Salsa On 1 style, also known as Salsa Los Angeles or Salsa LA, is one of the most common salsa styles in the world. Salsa On one style got its name because the lead dancer takes a step forward to the first beat of music. The name LA-style salsa received since the dance on 1 was first popularized in Los Angeles. The creation of the Salsa LA style is attributed to Francisco Vazquez and his two brothers - Louis and Johnny. Also, Rohelio Moreno, Alex da Silva, Joby Martinez, Christian Oviedo, Liz Lira, Josie Neglia and many others made a great contribution to LA Style. Salsa Style Los Angeles is an adaptation of traditional salsa. It pays more attention to style, characteristic features are elegant and refined hand movements, distinctive dance patterns and the presence of acrobatic tricks. This makes him one of the most beautiful and vibrant Latin American dances, as a result of which he became the most popular style for performing and creating show numbers, which earned him another name - show style salsa or salsa show. The most distinctive feature of this style, which distinguishes it from traditional salsa, is the line dancing, in which the basic steps are steps back and forth. Linear salsa is more sensual and soft than its predecessor, but at the same time dynamic and lively, with quick combinations, many turns, stops and supports. Salsa LA can be sharp, can be tender, it can be soft or can be explosive. Salsa has a lot of aromas. In the end, this street dance got its name and versatility, taking the best ingredients from a wide variety of dance styles and genres of music and combining them on one dance floor.