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Brazilian Zook - a dance that will open you from a completely new, unknown side to you. Smooth movements, filled with tenderness, as well as rhythmic music, will give you unforgettable pleasure and are drawn into a whirlpool of feelings. Zuk dance will become an integral part of your story, since after the first movements it will swirl you with a whirlwind of passion and Brazilian temperament. “Party”, “carnival” - this is how the word “Zuk” is translated from the language of French Creoles. Zuk dance became famous and popular in the 80s of the last century. The two main styles of Brazilian zuk are the Porto Seguro style and the Rio style. One of the founders of Zuk is considered Adilio Porto and Renata Pesanya. They came up with some basic steps, successfully combining them with elements of other directions. The combination of Caribbean sounds and gentle, rhythmic movements turns the zook into a romantic fairy tale. In it, thanks to the technique of movements, you can live a lifetime, convey true love and true pain, genuine passion and the bitterness of separation. A distinctive feature of the zouk dance is the partner’s special playfulness, which is expressed in smooth and sharp, easy and passionate head movements during the dance. Hair gracefully fluttering with body movements, fill the Brazilian zook with true emotionality and passion. The dance requires maximum openness by the partner, because zouk is an improvisation dance that is impossible without the spiritual and physical closeness of the dancing couple, without mutual understanding and the ability to completely surrender and live a common story. Would you like to plunge into the luxurious world of emotions, energy and good mood? At Salsa Club (Kiev Zouk), training is carried out by real masters of their craft. Experienced trainers will quickly help beginners to merge into Latin American rhythms, learn the technique of Brazilian zooka and learn how to perfectly own their own body. It remains to gain courage and come. Take the first step.